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Business Travel
It is understood that corporations want to maximize service for their travelers while minimizing their travel costs. It sounds really simple, but it isn't. The travel market is more complex than ever. Airlines cut commission, form alliances, rework corporate route deals, etc. Technology is also transforming the travel process. In times like these Broadway will partner you. We position alongside you, enabling us to tackle challenges from your perspective.

We will advise you on cost saving possibilities and alternatives, help you formulate travel policies to ensure you meet both HR and cost control objectives, and agree with you on service levels. We can provide you the essential data to make informed purchasing decisions, choice of suppliers and check compliance to your travel policies. Many travel agents can issue tickets only a few, like us, can provide you travel management services through a team of trained and experienced managers as well as up to date technology.

Management Information System (MIS)
We are able to provide MIS enabling management to have greater control and a better understanding of travel spending and policy compliance. This can be used to leverage purchasing as well as control costs.

Airfare Saving Opportunities
Being in such good connection with most major airlines, we have better leverage in negotiating for best fares and bulk purchases. If given the preferred airlines and route sectors, we will give you the airfares and comparison between published and special fares where available. The level of savings differs with airlines and routes. We will advise you of all special fares available including inherent restrictions, and we will work with you towards getting best value for your travel budget.
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  Whether for a group of ten or a thousand people, it takes capacity and aptitude to systematize premium meetings and social programs for you. The bottom line is people. And we have a team of dedicated, reliable and creative people to make your programs and journeys a success. We bring more value returns to your investment.  
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