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Tours & Treks in Nepal
The history of Nepal can be divided into two periods, the Pauranic and the historical period. There are two legends associated with the Pauranic period, the Buddhist and the Hindus legend.

According the Buddhist legend, the great Manjushree from china came to Kathmandu (before it was a big lake called Nag daha) to pay homage to the radiant light of Swyambhu nath that was emerging in the lake (Nag daha). He with his mighty magic sword cut through the rock and outlet the water from the lake and then after the place has been inhabit.

According to the Hindu legend, Lord Krishna cut through the rock and outlet the water from the lake .According to the Hindu version, the Pauranic period is divided into Vedic period and the Epic period. After the place has been inhabitant, there arise the Gopal bamshi’s (Gopal dynasty). Gopal is also one of the names of Lord Krishna. According to the reports, altogether 8 Gopal Bamshis ruled the kingdom. Then appears Mahispal bamshis who ruled the kingdom for about 600 years.

Then they were replaced by Kirats who came from eastern Nepal. Altogether 32 kirats kings ruled Nepal. According to the legend, during the regime of 16th king Sthunko, Emperor Ashoka from India visited Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The Pauranic period is divided up to the 5the century A.D of the Kirats period.

Then appears, Kirats or Mallas who came from Karnataka of south India. During Malla dynasty wool industry and wood carving was very famous and stone sculpture was also much in practice. Then in the second half of 18th century, Shah Dynasty appeared. King Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked Kathmandu and unites the Nepal which was divided into different states. Present king Gynendra Shah is 13th succession of the Shah dynasty.
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