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India is a very large country with diverse cultures and fascinating change of race, color, creed and places as we broadly travel across it. Most people however fancy India as a hot country with only places of historical importance and fantastical legends. What however is mostly undermined is the fact that India also boasts of various trails that offers and wonderful peek towards the Himalayan ranges and much more. There are various trekking routes in India; all of them spread across the country be it in North India or North East India. It is important to note that these trekking trails however are filled with very different experiences compared to each other. Whi le the most popular of them being the Garwal trek, Darjeeling and Arunachal Pradesh too brags a legacy of a trail being followed by hikers all over the world for more than five decades.
Darjeeling and Sikkim
Duration: 9 days
Royal Rajasthan
Duration: 10 days
Delhi-Agra-Udaipur-Jodhpur-Fatehpur Sikri
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