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Tours & Treks in Nepal
Religion In Nepal
There are mainly two religions practices in Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism. The two religions have co-existed down the ages and many Hindu temples share the same complex as Buddhist shrines. Hindu and Buddhist worshippers may regard the same god with different names while performing religious rites.

The blending of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal is clearly evident in the existence of many frankly hybrid deities, in the shuffling of gods and symbols between the two pantheons, and in the inextricable medley of iconographic and ritual elements.

There are three prevailing sects practiced in Nepal, Shaivaism, Vaishnavism, and Buddhism.

The followers of Shiva believe in the supremacy of Lord Shiva, the followers of Vishnu believe in the supremacy of Lord Vishnu while the follower of Buddha believe in the supremacy of Lord Buddha.

If are of PashuPati Nath is the center of Shivaism, then the area of Changu Narayan is the center of Vaishanavism and the center of SwyambhuNath is the center of Buddhism in Kathmandu.

Shaktism (The Shakti worship) has been given a new impetus under the influence of Tantra, which has elevated the female deity to a dominant position in the ritual worship. The concept of divine mothers (Matrikas), variously counted as seven, eight or nine is related in Hindu mythology to the perennial theme of the struggle between the force of knowledge and the forces of ignorance.

Nepal has been declared as a secular country by the Parliament on May 18, 2006. Religions like Hinduism Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Bon are practiced here. Some of the earliest inhabitants like the Kirats practice their own kind of religion based on ancestor worship and the Tharus practice animism. Over the years, Hinduism and Buddhism have been influenced by these practices, which have been modified to form a synthesis of newer beliefs.
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