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Travel Information
Nepal extends trouble-free issuance of visa to all the citizens worldwide at Royal Nepalese Embassies or Consulates abroad and at entry-point Immigration Offices. Presentation of a valid passport, two passport size photos and fees mentioned below are required.
Getting Nepal Tourist Visas
A Visa is necessary to enter Nepal and can be obtained for the following duration from any Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or at the entry points in Nepal . The rules below have been updated as of September 2001. Single entry tourist visas can be obtained by paying US $30 for 60 days. If you wish to leave and re-enter the country, you'll need to pay additional fees. US $25 for Single Re-entry, US $40 for Double Re-entry and US $60 for Multiple Re-entry. If you leave and wish to Re-enter Nepal as a tourist within 150 day of the same visa year, you may pay US $50 for 30 days. Visitors may extend their tourist visa by paying US $50 for 30 days. Trekking permits are not required for Everest, Annapurna and Langtang areas. Business visas with multiple entry facilities are available at a rate of US $100 for one year and US $250 for five years. Ministry of Industry recommendation is required.
Getting Nepal Non-Tourist Visas
Marriage Visas

For those married to a Nepali citizen and wanting to stay in Nepal for as long as you like and without getting a Nepali passport and giving up your country of birth passport (which is not always a good idea!), a non-tourist marriage visa is the best way to go. Changing from a tourist visa to a non-tourist visa can sometimes be a lengthy process and a lot of waiting around before they get to your file!

You need to visit the Department of Immigration office next to the tourist visa office in Bhrikuti Mandap, phone no.223681/222453 and collect a form for Non-Tourist visas. It's open the same hours as the tourist visa office. The processing time will take about 7 days as they asses your information. You can get issued a visa for as long as you like, 2, 4, 6 months, as long as you pay the US$10/month (about Rs750) for single entry. For a single re-entry you pay an extra US$25.

You require the following documents:
The application form photocopied 6 times (so you have 7 forms).
Sign the forms after you have photocopied them! 7 passport photos one for each form. Photocopies of your own and your partners passports, including a copy of your current tourist visa.
Photocopy of your partners Nepali citizenship card.
Photocopy of your marriage certificate.
If you need to renew your non-tourist visa you only require 2 forms, 2 passport photos and a photocopy of your passport with last issued visa.
Remember to take all originals with you at time of application and when you go in to collect your visa form ask what documents you need, the Nepali government changes the rules regularly.
Residential Visa

This visa is for those people who want to permanently live in Nepal . For the first year a fee of US$200 needs to be paid, then each year it's renewed a fee of US$100. It's a multiply entry visa so you can come in and out of Nepal as you like.

Obtaining a Transit Visa for Nepal
A transit visa can be obtained from Airport Immigration for a period of 48 hrs. on the presentation of airline ticket. Fee for Transit Visa: US$ 5.00
Requirement For Visa : Foreigners desirous of visiting India can do so after obtaining visa from the Indian Mission in their country of their residence. They should possess a valid National Passport - except in the case of nationals of Bhutan & Nepal , who may carry only suitable means of identification.
Tourist Visas:
Usually, a multi-entry visa, valid for a period of 180 days, is granted for the purpose of tourism. The visa is valid from the date of issue.
Collective Visas:
The facility also exists for the issue of collective visas to group tours consisting of not less than four members and sponsored by a travel agency recognised by the Government of India. Such groups may split into smaller groups for visiting different places in India after obtaining a collective "licence to travel" from the immigration authorities in India . However, they must reassemble and depart as the original group.

Transit Visas:
Transit visas are granted by Indian Missions abroad for a maximum period of 15 days.

To obtain a Bhutanese visa, you need the following: - Bhutan visa application form x 3 copies duly filled -2 passport-size photographs -Photocopy of the passport For private visitors, a sponsorship certificate form must be filled in by the sponsor. A fee of US $70 a day should be paid directly to the Department of Tourism for private visitors, except for family members. Visa processing time: 1 month. When entering Bhutan , you receive a visa for only 2 weeks from Paro airport. Visa extensions can be granted if you stay longer. Except for SNV employees, the visa extension fee of Nu. 510/- for each passport should be paid.
Required by all. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months for a single entry within 3 months of the date of visa issue; at least 9 months for double or multiple entries within 6 months.
Required documents for visa: Tourist:
(a) Completed application form.
(b) 1 passport-size photograph.
(c) Valid passport with blank pages to affix visa.
(d) Fee (payable in cash or by postal order only).
(e) Sufficient funds for duration of stay.
(f) Return airline ticket, travel information about itinerary and confirmation of hotel reservation in China .
(g) A stamped, self-addressed envelope for postal applications (registered/recorded delivery is recommended). Group: (a)-(g), and (h) Confirmation letter or fax from an authorised Chinese travel company. A list of all group members should be presented in triplicate. Transit: (a)-(g), and (h) Travellers may be required to show a visa for the next country of destination or an airline ticket. Business: (a)-(g), and (h) Official invitation from a Chinese governmental department or a government-approved company indicating duration of stay. Time required to issue visa: Applications should be made 1 month in advance. Postal applications take longer to process than those made in person.
Costs of visa:
Tourist/Business ( UK nationals): £30 (Single-entry); £45 (Double-entry); £60 (Multiple-entry for 6 months); £90 (Multiple-entry for 12 months). Transit ( UK nationals): £30 (Single-entry); £45 (Double-entry). Tourist/Business/Transit (other nationals) and Group: cost varies according to nationality. Express Services cost £20 (for visas issued the same day) and £15 (for visas issued within 24-48 hours. Note: An additional £20 must be enclosed with all postal applications to cover handling and postal charges. Validity of visa: Visa validity is normally 3 months from date of issue, but depends on the duration of the package tour or individual stay. The validity of Business visas varies. Transit visas are generally valid for up to 10 days.
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